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Neck stretches


Tight, stiff neck muscles from sitting and using mobile devices, computers, or driving can lead to pain into the shoulders and head. Simple stretch that you can do anywhere you sit.

— Dr. Craig

Mid Back Mobility


Our mid back (thoracic spine) is so important for twisting and lateral bending movements. It becomes very stiff and rigid from chronic poor posture and sitting.

Here’s an easy way to work on getting it moving properly.

No more Quasimodo!


Foundation Training – Flow 2


Here is another routine of Foundation Training to challenge you today!

There are so many different movements that you can do.  In this set, I’ve incorporated some of what I showed you last week and added some new ones.

Mobility and strength for the shoulder and upper back


Posture is critical to many things in our lives. From plain old vanity to reducing the stress on our nervous systems and visceral organs.

This series is fantastic to do anywhere. Simple but effective at opening up the chest and pulling the head and shoulders back.