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Move By Design – Mobility

Be Fit

I was talking with a new practice member yesterday about her on going struggles with back pain. After we chatted and I learned more about her and the challenges she has had, I told her in my experience, the majority of issues that people have stem from poor MOVEMENT PATTERNS.

Everyday, we do things without thinking much about how we do it.

  • getting on/off the toilet
  • standing/sitting/sleeping
  • posture at work or school
  • brushing your teeth
  • driving your car
  • and more!

One of the best ways to move and feel better is to realize the imbalances and poor patterns that you’ve created over time and then work to change those and bring balance to your body.


Because you’ll:

  • hold your corrective adjustments better
  • avoid injuries
  • have better longevity
  • prevent arthritis
  • have more capacity to do more fun things in life!

Who doesn’t want that?