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Breathing away stress

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Here are four simple exercises that can help your nervous to calm and aid with heartburn, anxiety and more.


Crush your goals in 2021

Think Well

Over the holiday season I spent time reflecting on 2020 and even though it was a tough year, I found that there were some amazing moments.  The thing that struck me the most is that I had submitted that the pandemic had shadowed and directed a lot of my thoughts or rather what my mind focused on.

I decided that 2021 will be different.  Even though the pandemic continues and there are external circumstances that will no doubt determine changes I will have to make in my personal and professional life, I am committed to steering my own course.

I wanted to share with you how you too can still have your best year yet by focusing on the things you CAN change.


1. What is your Why?

This is what drives us to take action OR not take action.
Why did you decide to make “whatever this is (weight loss, reading more, meditation, self-love, etc)” your goal?

Is it for YOU or is it because of societal or familial pressures?
Maybe you want to do this for someone else.

Have you attempted to pursue this endeavor in the past and why did it work or not work?

Why do you want to do it?

Take time to write our your why now.  Write the following on the top of a fresh page of paper.  “I want to _____, because___________.

Maybe you want to lose weight.  Maybe you really want to make this happen so you can be ready for that summer wedding, or because your health is important.

Maybe you want to get into shape for a hiking trip.  What ever it is for you.  Write it down now.
When you physically write it out, your likelihood to make it happen goes up ten-fold.

Why is at the core of your existence and the foundation of ALL ACTIONs, therefore, once you define your WHY, the next secret will come into play.

2. BE

Now that you understand WHY you want to have your goals transform into your reality it is ESSENTIAL to become aware of who you need to BE so that this can materialize.

What characteristics are present in someone who has already achieved this status in their lives?

Who are you today that is limiting this possibility?

What are you willing to change before tomorrow morning to begin the process?
We often have clarity of what we would like to HAVE in our lives (aka New Year’s Resolutions), without first working on who we are, which is responsible for what we will have.

3.  DO

Now that you have a better idea as to WHY you have established this goal and who you need to BE in order for it to materialize, the next fundamental secret is what will you DO so that your resolution will become a reality. In our office, we look at our health, and even our life for that matter, within three distinct domains:

Move By Design: To move your body daily so as to pursue health.  This is one of my personal goals for 2021.

“I am committing to exercising for at least 20 minutes per day.”

When we seek out and make health our focus and priority, then looking good, being a healthy weight and feeling great are the result.  Our bodies were designed to be moved everyday with whole body movements.  It is essential that we train our bodies for strength, flexibility, endurance, agility, power, cardiovascular strength, and stamina

EAT BY DESIGN: Eating foods that are wholesome and nutritious is essential to being healthy.

What are the foods that give you energy versus the foods that rob us of energy?

To be more alive than dead, you have to eat foods that are more alive than dead.

If it comes in a package, doesn’t grow on a tree or in the ground or move on land or water or air, then don’t eat it.

Basically, to be healthy, we need an abundance of foods that whole and in their natural form.  Processed foods or foods made by man are not healthy.

THINK BY DESIGN: We must talk to ourselves and surround ourselves with positive, empowering conversations in order to be well.  For many of us, if we talked to our friends the way we talked to ourselves, we wouldn’t have any friends!

Take time every day to give thanks for that which you have, which you have learned and the people you share life with.  Affirm yourself and be kind to yourself through daily rituals.

By giving thought to this content you are reading, you are raising your consciousness to a higher level.

Another element for GOAL MANIFESTATION that is more than essential if you want 2021 to be distinctively different is what we call CONNECTION.

Connection can be defined as accountability from another human being or beings. Connection is having someone other than yourself who will motivate you each day and leave you feeling inspired.

Connection is creating a synergy with one or more people so that TOGETHER everyone achieves more than you could have accomplished on your own.

Connection is at the foundation of our purpose at Synergy Chiropractic to making Kanata the healthiest community in Canada because together everything becomes possible.

We define a movement as a group of people who share a mission and are willing to challenge the status quo so that the world changes.

The mission that we share is one where our community will become one of the healthiest places to live in our country and the status quo that we will challenge is the conditioned beliefs of society about the inevitable health challenges that we will experience.

4.  HAVE:

The Fourth Secret deals with Self Actualization or in other words, what do you want to HAVE?

I want you to be specific with regards to what you are looking to achieve in 2012.

What will you look like?
How will you be living?
What changes will have taken place?

See yourself as the byproduct of someone who ACCOMPLISHED this feat. Give deep thought to the day to day actions and activities as if you are already living this way.

Self-Actualization is an extremely REAL psychology because you convince yourself that the achievement has become your reality.

5.  CSWS:

Now that you have clarity of your WHY, you know who you need to BE and what you need to DO, and you can already see yourself as someone who has made their goal a reality, it is time for the FINAL SECRET which is an acronym that I want all of you to really focus on right now.

Clear your head, put any of your life stresses behind you, and take in these four words which are CSWS…CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP!

When these first four secrets become part of your conscious state, nothing will stop you, especially when you make the choice, the decision, and the commitment to yourself that NOTHING will stand between YOU and what you are looking to achieve.

Think By Design Episode 2

Think Well

Our webinar on Thursday ended abruptly before we could wrap things up properly.

The big takeaway: Our Beliefs determines our Actions which shapes our Results.​

In this episode we discussed health.

Our current health is (almost) entirely the product of our past actions and behaviours.

And these actions are based on your beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious.

Our behaviors (actions) never lie.

If you don’t like your results, look at your actions.

The challenge is that many of our actions and behaviours are unknowingly based on false or inaccurate beliefs.

For many, being healthy means “feeling good”. But on closer inspection, health is MUCH more than that.

There are literally hundreds of illnesses that show no symptoms. (i.e. high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, etc).

Your homework this week – ask yourself:

1. What is health? What does it mean to be healthy?

2. What is the vision for my health?

3. Why do I want to be healthy?

4. What action steps do I need to take daily to make sure that I achieve my vision of great health?

Think By Design Webinar – Episode 1

Think Well

It is easy to get caught up in the quagmire of stinking thinking.

Old patterns and unconscious thoughts can derail relationships, affect mental health and create perpetual frustration.

Mental health, like physical health can be improved.

What are the three foundations for a healthy mind?
* Clarified Beliefs,
* High Self Esteem
* and a clearly Defined and Aligned Purpose.

The Think By Design Webinar will not teach you what to think, but it will make you think and in turn, give you a chance to begin creating the life you deserve.

In our first session, will lay out an overview and discuss the 4 Key questions that determine how and why you or someone thinks a certain way about any issue. (To perform the exercise, click on the attachment provided here >>>> TWG Values List

We also have you do an exercise that will open your eyes to what is TRULY most important to you in life.