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Dr Craig’s 5 Minute low back fix

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“Doc, what do I do when I’ve put my back out?”

Here is a little ‘reset’ for the hips and pelvis when things feel out of sorts. Simple and easy to do anywhere. Great to do prior to a golf game, before and after a long drive or whenever you aren’t feeling great in the low back.

Glute bridge

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Here’s a little spin on an oldie but goody glutei bridge exercise. This hits the core muscles and creates a synergy between the upper and lower body.

Maintain a tight mid section. Maintain a good ‘kegel’ throughout the exercise duration.


Untragically Hips

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​Ugghhh…so much sitting. As much as I am trying to keep busy, I am finding that I am sitting more than usual.

Here’s a little routine to loosen up those hips!

Untragically Hips

I’m sharing these little things you can do at home to keep your spine and body moving well while we are in isolation.

— Dr. Craig

Love for your low back

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How are you holding up? Let’s all hope this crisis resolves quickly.

Today we are going to give a little extra love to your low back and mid back. 🙂

Nice little easy stretch that you can do anywhere and even if you are in a wheelchair.

I’ve created this series of videos to help you stay healthy in body, and soul this week while everyone is stuck at home. I am sharing tips and strategies that I personally use daily and share with my practice members.  As always, I want to help you live your best life even in the midst of the challenge we currently face.
Life is about GROWTH, not retraction.