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“Our pediatrician says my child shouldn’t see a Chiropractor” 

This was the conversation I had most recently with a patient of mine.  She had recently taken her kid to see his pediatrician.  Later that morning she cancelled all of his future appointments. 

Frustrated.  Angry.  Disappointed. 

These are the emotions that I felt initially.  How could a physician who has NO formal training in the chiropractic profession determine whether or not our mutual patient can or cannot receive chiropractic care?  If I have no formal training in prescribing medication, how could I possibly tell someone which ones they need?  Which ones they don’t?   

The answer is I DON’T. 

Like most things, when I encounter a challenge, I turn inward and ask how does this serve me to learn from?  I realized quickly that the pediatrician probably thinks that chiropractic adjustments are a ‘once size fits all’ approach.  That the same type of traditional manual adjustments are the only tool in the chiropractor’s toolkit.  That adjusting a child is akin to a ninja movie, whereby someone violently turns someone’s head.  

Not true.


Pediatrician Retracts His Comment=-

After speaking to the pediatrician, I spoke of our process – how we take time to evaluate our patients with care.  How we perform Structural X-rays (WHEN NECESSARY).  I spoke of our Neuro-Structural Digital Thermography and Electromyography Technology and the insight it gives us to pinpoint how a child needs to be adjusted with precision.  I told him how adjusting a child uses as much pressure as you would squeeze a tomato to check if it is ripe.  How I use little to no force and how working with children is safe and gentle.   

By the end of conversation, he opened up and admitted he had no idea where his belief that chiropractic was ‘rough’ came from.  He figured it was because it was all he knew from what others told him.  He also said he was glad my patient was seeing us and also agreed that he thought it would help. 

 “Why do kids need chiropractic care?  Do their backs hurt?” 

It’s a great question and one that many people have when I tell them I am a chiropractor who focuses on pediatrics and family wellness care.   

Kids present to our office with everything from asthma, allergies, colic, sleep issues and even sensory, autism and ADHD challenges.  We don’t make claims to cure them of anything.  But does it make sense that if they are challenged with any of the above – wouldn’t we want their nervous systems running optimally? How long should their nervous system function optimally?   

No – kids need chiropractic like they need dentistry.  We spend our lifetimes taking care of their 40 teeth.  Same goes for the 24 spinal bones.  We should maintain their spine and nervous systems pro-actively.  Imagine going to the dentist at age 40 without ever seeing a dentist.

“Research indicates that the major cause of spinal subluxation in infants is childbirth and its widespread incidence during infancy.  In our mind, stressing the need for correction from birth so that irreversible subluxation degeneration changes do not occur.”1 

The majority of children have had a few thousand falls before 3 years of age.   50% have had a fall from 4 feet high or more (think change tables, counters etc).  As their bodies grow, we as parents, want them to grow up to be healthy and strong.  Chiropractic adjustments restore the body’s ability to adapt to the forces a young child endures as they grow.   

A child’s nervous system will develop over 65% of its neurons in the first year of life.  As they develop, chiropractic adjustments remove interference allowing this natural process to be maximized.   

Like all of us, kids are born to be healthy.  It’s pre-programmed into our DNA.  They innately know how to take breast milk from a mom and make new cells.  By giving kids the best foods, making sure their nervous systems are clear and supporting them with love and providing a peaceful environment – they are well on their way to expressing health! 

Kids and what?  


Most babies are born healthy. They have been living in a safe environment during the gestation period and have been provided essentially with everything they need.  

However, spinal injury or vertebrae misalignment can occur during childbirth and throughout childhood and adolescence. The spine can malfunction and erode over time just from day to day activities. Babies who are tossed in the air for example can be injured and suffer a Subluxation or misalignment in their spine. 

A simple activity such as learning how to walk, run, or ride a bicycle can cause many falls and bumps to a child. Therefore: more subluxations. 

So how can Chiropractic help?

First we must understand the benefits of Chir opractic adjustments by understanding what the spine provides for us. The spine and nerves are the link between the brain and every organ in the body. Subluxations or a pinching of nerves can cause disruption between organs and the brain; thus causing problems such as asthma and respiratory distress, ear infections, headaches, colic, and digestive  concerns just to mention a few.  

A few simple observations can be made to reveal your own child’s posture. Have your child stand facing you, do the ears, shoulders and hips appear uneven? From the side are any of the following four points out of alignment? (ears, shoulders, hips, ankles should be in a straight vertical line). Holding a natural stance: does your child’s head appear to lean too far forward? If you answer yes to any of the above observations, postural deviation may be present and should be professionally evaluated by a Chiropractor. 

Early detection and treatment are vital and can help children maintain a healthy spine and good health for their entire lifetime. Regular posture examinations are as important as regular dental, and eye checkups. Optimal health means a healthy spine. Schedule your spinal examination today as part of your family’s wellness program.  

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Shelter from the STORM

Just this week our office saw two beautiful babies and their families get their lives back. The first one had colic so bad that she cried relentlessly day and night. Her dad would come home to both his wife and daughter balling and exhausted. Not the kind of warm welcome home he had hoped for. The second child had been having severe constipation problems and was miserable and always fighting colds. Both were seen by specialists and told “No one can help”. Well, I guess I’ m Dr “No One”. Even after her first visit the first child napped for four hours and slept through the night.  This child will avoid the “Perfect Storm”.

In my 13 years as a practicing chiropractor and having checked and adjusted thousands of kids, I’ve found that over 90% of the kids have had injury or damage to the cranium or spinal column from in-utero constraint or a traumatic birth injury that was never addressed and corrected. Research from Germany and many more have also shown that the first subluxation occurs either during the birth process or even before. This means these kids are starting off with compromised neurological and immune systems.

Asthma and Chiropractic

Chiropractic is not a treatment for asthma but many patients report having less symptoms after starting care.

What is it and what causes the Perfect Storm?

The Perfect Storm is the collective result of numerous physical, chemical and mental/emotional insults to the integrity of the nervous system.  The accumulation of stress causes the body to be forced into a fight or flight state.  In this state, the body operates in survival mode.  In survival mode, some of the hallmark physiological responses are: higher inflammation levels, hyper-vigilance, decreased immune function, and sleep disturbances.

Subluxation, simply put, is when any of the bones in the vertebral column shift or gets stuck in an improper position and alignment (structure).  This leads to abnormal motion and movement…these two factors then lead to a change in the nerve signals and into the central nerve system (for those that are nerdy like me: spinal cord-brainstem-cerebellum-thalamus-higher brain centers and cortex).  This loss of positioning and movement leads to a loss of regular proper healthy signals, and increases stress in the nerve system forcing the adaptive fight or flight state.

Let’s walk through it in detail…

This subluxation is often caused by the positioning required for even normal, natural, vaginal deliveries… and is greatly magnified in its effect from breech positioning, long labor, suction/vacuum extraction, forceps, and cesarean deliveries. All of these situations put an excessive amount of physical force on the head, neck, and spine and lead to subluxation (by altering structure and movement/kinesiology)… that in turn causes neurological sequelae.Both of these two kids were born via forceps.

Many kids have troubles with their ears in the early years. This subluxation complex also causes imbalances in the musculature of the upper cervical spine and surrounding tissues, greatly affecting the function and movement of the eustachian tubes, sinuses, adenoids, etc.  Not only does it alter neurological function, it alters the flow of lymph, mucus, and other fluids in and “out of” the head and ENT-type structures. This fluid is then allowed to “sit” for too long in these areas, thus harboring opportunistic ‘ bugs’ that can then take hold and replicate… then in turn causing infection, inflammation, and irritation. It is not that the eustachian tubes are horizontal at that age… that does not “help” the situation, but it is not the primary cause of ear infections at all.

These children are then continually challenged when the antibiotic prescribed for the ear infection, eliminates and lessens the beneficial bacteria of the gut and colon, thus causing poor regulation of the immune system and leaving them susceptible to recurrent infection. Not only does this affect their immune system, but also their digestive system as well. Now they cannot process and eliminate food stuffs and toxins near as well, and this leads to a further “spilling over” effect of these into the bloodstream… which causes further immune reaction and inflammation and can begin the autoimmune cascade that may be linked to things such as allergies, asthma, eczema, and even ADHD later in life.

What is more, the upper cervical subluxation greatly effects the neurological control of the central nervous system, especially brainstem and other centers that are important for neurological “info relay” and autonomic control of tissues, organs, and glands. The subluxation, along with other factors, leaves their autonomic system in a highly sustained stressed sympathetic state (fight/flight) which as you know is associated with lowered immunity, hyperactivity, anxiety, social challenges, decreased GI function (reflux, dyspepsia, constipation), and more.In the case of these two kids, their upper cervical areas were subluxated causing both of them to be unable to calm their nerve systems down.

The result? They can’ t poop and can’t calm.

chiropractic kids

Chiropractic for kids is safe, gentle and effective

There is help and there is hope

Pediatric chiropractors such as myself are also highly trained in nutrition and supplementation. I won’ t go into the details here, but another major contributor to things such as otitis media, ADD/ADHD, colic, allergies, eczema, and asthma is a diet high in grains and dairy. The proteins and sugars in these foods are very difficult to digest and again lead to a strained and inflamed GI system, which spills into the bloodstream and causes and autoimmune reaction. Cleaning up a kids diet and getting him on the right supplements goes a long way to treating, and most importantly, preventing these issues.

Left un-aided, these kids end up on the merry-go-round and eventually develop a lifetime of health challenges. While medications may treat the symptoms, the child is left subluxated only to continue have challenges that remained masked. The Perfect Storm is the result – the build up to significant ‘ unexplained’ health issues.Through safe, gentle, low-force scientific and specific chiropractic adjustments, we were able to help these little ones just BE. For that, I am honored.

To learn more about the Perfect Storm and the effects on today’s children with respect wait ADHD and Sensory Integration Challenges, join me for a webinar August 22, 2017 at 7pm called “FOCUS; ADHD”

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My Dad (please read)

I wrote this blog 4 years ago on the one year anniversary of losing my dad to cancer. On the eve of the 5 year anniversary, I share it with you again with some parts added but the message remaining the same. As we enter Father’s Day weekend, I urge you to think about your Dad or your kids, as their father, and remember that everything you do in life is important, that it matters, and that it has influence on those closest to us. Take care of yourself so your family gets the best side of you. If I could have him back, I would in a heartbeat, but I know he is in a good place and that he is always with me.

My Dad

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Seems like Spring has taken forever to get here, but it has arrived and that means lawn maintenance.

On any given Saturday morning, you can hear the buzz of a lawnmower outside.  People are planting their gardens and busy landscaping their yards.  It’s great to see all the kids playing out on the street and in the fields.  After a long winter it’s certainly a welcomed change.

I’m busy trying to get my lawn in shape for the summer.  The grubs took their toll on it last

Lawn Health

Healthy Lawn Requires Certain Things

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The whole process got me thinking about the similarities of getting a healthy lawn and one’s personal health.  It seems that most anything I look at reminds of health in some way, shape or form.  Have you ever thought about health in terms of your lawn?

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