Pandemic Pounds Recovery Program Episode 3 - Synergy Chiropractic

Pandemic Pounds Recovery Program Episode 3

Eat Right

In this episode, we dive into the truth about grains.

Please – whatever you do, don’t shoot the messenger.

Whenever I’ve given talks about nutrition, this topic raises eyebrows and creates some tension. I have to admit it too….it was hard for me to accept too.

Grains are not a food by design for humans.

Now don’t get me wrong, when I grew up, they were a huge part of my diet and they are super addictive.

But now, when they enter my diet, I tend to go overboard on them. Every few months they creep in some how or another.

Once I break the chains and get them out of my diet, I can’t believe what I notice.

  • Less inflammation
  • Less digestive upset
  • More sustained energy
  • Better sleep

All because I’ve cut them out of my diet. In this week’s episode, we will dive into much ado about grains.

We’ll discuss them in a historical sense and why working towards limiting them your diet is in your best interest.